Spain Photos!!

Hey Everyone!

2015 06-09 Tiny Elevator Footie
The tiny little elevator in our Madrid Hotel!

I planned to upload more photos but when I saw how many photos I took (roughly 1,100) I realized that was never going to happen. I did finally upload them to Picasa. I’ve always uploaded them to Picasa ever since my first trip to Europe. So why change now? I have realized I need to get a new external hard drive to put all my photos on, but until then they’re “safe” (or as safe as they can be) in the cloud. So that this post isn’t empty of photos here’s our vacation in selfies, one a day every day! I’ve included where we were so you get an idea of what you’re looking at (or not in the bad ones :-D):

For the actual photos click the city name below:

Madrid and Barcelona

2015 06-19 Sitges Footie
Oh yeah and we stood in and swam in the Mediterranean Sea!

If you want a copy of one (ha!) I’m happy to send one just let me know which 😀 And let me know if the links don’t work, I’ve been told by one person that they couldn’t access them, but most everyone else seems not to have had any problems.

As I said before I have no idea how to pick what was the most exciting moment. There were so many of them. I loved the random discoveries as much as the planned activities. We were gone from the hotel most days from before 9AM until after 9PM and it was exhausting. In the end it took me WEEKS to decompress and finally take the time to look back on the trip and it was just wonderful.

I can’t wait to see where we go next! More book posts coming next week.

Thanks for reading!



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