30 x 30: #22 – Visit the Somerville Museum

2014 11-09 Somerville MuseumWell what I thought would be the twentieth didn’t happen, but I’m officially down to 10 items left. I have plans for most of them, but time is slowly getting away from me!

I walk by the Somerville Museum pretty frequently and I’ve very rarely seen it open.

Even today when they had an event the sign still read closed and I was like uh… I’m gutted I missed the event earlier this year when they had artwork from local high school students as I feel like I would really have enjoyed the opportunity to explore the building a bit more than I had today. But with that being said it was a neat old building and I’m glad I went to the talk even if I did start to nod off.

I really wanted to get a closer look at the glass above the old front door (above left) as it was really beautiful, but I couldn’t because of the chairs and the projector screen. I might try and go back this weekend when they’ve got another art show I wasn’t aware of. One of the main reasons I knew the museum even existed is because of these bricks:

2014 11-09 S for Somerville

I’d see them walking around near the area and still haven’t figured out why they’re embossed with the backwards S.

I figured the museum would have a bit of information about the local area, like the museums I grew up with, but really it’s more of a community center and a fountain of knowledge (oral mostly) of the local area. Either way it was a neat little visit and I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for future exhibits!


4 thoughts on “30 x 30: #22 – Visit the Somerville Museum”

  1. I never went there, but I never spent that much time in Somerville. It’s a shame you missed the artwork. In Colorado they used to display the artwork from schools in the mall and it was good to see so many people stopping to look at the pieces.


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