30 x 30: #28 – Get out of non-student loan debt

2014 10-31 No More CC DebtI’m down to 11 and after this weekend I’ll be down to 10 and will have started two more with a third one on-going. I’m going to kick this list’s butt! I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier seeing a bar chart (and I really like bar charts), but watching that little debt bar on Mint.com slowly dwindle away and actually turn green (whoops I overpaid :-D) this year has been AWESOME!

If there was one I was most scared of not accomplishing and one that I will forever be most proud of accomplishing it is getting out of non-student loan debt (AKA credit card debt). Now don’t get me wrong, I didn’t have an outrageous amount of debt, however, it was enough to make me wonder why I’d accrued it. And I know exactly why, but I’m not going into that, this is about the excitement of paying it off.

This list item is probably the biggest one on the list and the main reason I created the list in the first place. I kept telling myself I WOULD do this before I was 30. I’ve spent the last five years working hard to pay it off and I’ve been so close so many times before. However, it felt like every time I was within those last few payments the holidays came around again and that means a flight home, hotel rooms, way too many presents, going out to eat with friends I’ve not seen in years, etc. And that always adds up and I get knocked back down.

I knew this year it was no more excuses it was going to happen. If I had to be a stingy miser for 12 months and talk so much about it that my friends wanted to murder me, I didn’t care I was getting it done. And I have.

I think what I’m most looking forward to is being able to build my savings and not having to worry about how close I’ve cut it a few times in the past year before a payday. Exciting right? The sexier things include saving up to travel. You KNOW I’m already working on a 40×40 list and that will include some big travel trips that I hope to take (Hello Australia and my glorious return to the UK!), but mostly I’m excited about building more financial stability. Maybe I really am finally starting to grow up.


12 thoughts on “30 x 30: #28 – Get out of non-student loan debt”

  1. Good for you! There is such a feeling of accomplishment when you do something like this! It was great to send a “final” payment on a credit card last month for me! (I’ve created a 30×30 list that will be launched in a couple of weeks and paying off a couple of student loans is on mine!)


      1. ha! I know what you mean. Like you said, the holidays can really get ya! (sometimes I have the cash but want to use the credit card for travel points, but try to be responsible enough to pay it off after making the purchase :))


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