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30 x 30: #30 – Visit Alie in VA

2014 10-17 Virginia is for FriendsI was able to squeeze the 18th list item into an incredibly busy weekend. We flew down to Virginia for a wedding this past weekend and we were so close to where my BFF from growing up, Alie, lives and I knew I had to see her. This was one of the two I thought might happen AFTER my birthday, but squeezing it in made it happen BEFORE!

Alie has lived in Virginia for longer than I’ve lived in Boston and I just haven’t had the money to get down to visit her. We’ve seen each other a couple of times since high school, most recently for our 10 year reunion last year, but we talk everyday and it was good to see where she lived. I no longer fear that she lives in the middle of a war zone in a rundown building with hoodlums running around. (Seeing really goes a long way for alleviating those worries.

2014 10-17 Virginia Getting UppityI was impressed with how built up things were! Alie lives in Portsmouth, VA and we went to dinner in Norfolk which was fancier than expected (Hi NIck 😛 and Erin!) As much shit as I gave her about dinner it was delicious. I was mostly just agitated at how uppity the staff were and how kitschy the decor was. It was a restaurant that you’d expect to see in NYC or Boston and the way the door staff talked to people was like WHOA slow your role this is not a Michelin Star restaurant. It didn’t help that when they sat us (5-10 minutes later, closer to five I think), the restaurant was only half-full! I also got to meet Alie’s friend Erin who was super nice and it was good to see Alie wasn’t a TOTAL hermitess!

Other than that we tried to do some touristy things but sheesh they were expensive! Colonial Williamsburg was almost $50 per person and needless to say we passed. We did go on a beautiful drive around Jamestown Island and then ate a ridiculously large lunch at Golden Corral (when in the south…)

2014 10-19 Finally Flying HomeThe wedding we flew down for was incredibly beautiful at the Williamsburg Winery which was huge! I couldn’t believe how large it was and I was glad we got there early enough to see everything and to wander around the buildings. It also gave me a lot of ideas to share with Caroline and Nick for their upcoming wedding.

On the plane back we took a selfie and then promptly passed out. And then back to work…only 12 more to go!


3 thoughts on “30 x 30: #30 – Visit Alie in VA”

    1. I’m already working on mine! But I want to put some big ones on there like go back to Europe and get to Australia 😀 But I would definitely encourage everyone to do one 🙂


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