Three Shopping Days Left…Wait a Second…

Why would that matter when clearly my Birthday (aka today) is MUCH more important than that 😀 This is mostly just to show I’m alive and busy enjoy the photos while I lounge around in my pajamas and do NOTHING for a few more hours and then spend time with my sister and friends!

Gallery One: Baby It’s Cold Outside…no seriously I refused to get out of bed twice in the last two weeks until it hit 10°F (-12°C).

Gallery Two: Because of the above snow storm my first 5k was postponed until tomorrow (12/22)! I’m totally excited and ready for it and have done a LOT of prep work.

Gallery Three: So far it’s been a very Star Wars and Literary Christmas/Birthday. The only thing missing is my dear Jane, but I can handle that since we share a birth month and can never be separated. Just goes to show my friends, family and coworkers know me WAY too well.


10 thoughts on “Three Shopping Days Left…Wait a Second…”

  1. Happy birthday, Geoff! My oldest daughter has her birthday on the 27th, and I try to make it a point for the Very Important Day to not be forgotten in the Christmas shuffle. Enjoy every minute of your holiday! 🙂


    1. Thanks! I only learned to appreciate how close it was to Christmas when I got older and wanted more expensive things and was like of COURSE you can combine presents if I get a bigger or better one 😀


  2. Happy birthday! The books and star wars gifts you’ve gotten all look like lots of fun. If you end up reviewing Shakespeare’s Star Wars, I’ll be interested to hear what you think! It seems like it could be a brilliant idea, but I haven’t actually read any review yet.


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