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The Classics Club – October 2013 Meme

Classics ClubFor October the hosts have created a fascinating connective tool for this month: “We want you to mingle. Go to our member list and select a fellow classics clubber you’d like to feature on your blog. This can be someone who is active within the Classics Club, someone quiet who inspires with his/her posts, someone new to the club or scarce whom you’d like the club to meet. S/he can be a friend of yours, or someone you’ve never met. Tell readers why you value this club member. Highlight at least one post from his/her blog.”

However, I am going to cheat and go for one of the easier answers: Heather at Between the Covers! Although she might want to murder me because she’s in the process of transitioning her blog to from and there are a few technical issues at the moment. And I mean it’s sort of cheating as I’m pretty sure she is one of the hosts of the club, but oh well!

Heather and I have been bantering about books (yeah Simon from The Readers!) for quite a while now and we really bonded over Faitheist (that’s her review). And let’s be honest, it had nothing to do with the book and everything to do with the cute author and his awesome social media presence.

I also have to give her kudos for her HTML tips when I started joining all the challenges and wanted to mimic her awesome status bars on her sidebar! I mean overall you can’t go wrong with Heather’s blog. I’m not sure how many books she reads, especially at one time – it’s beyond me, but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t review all of them! If she did she would never have any sort of life ever! If you don’t follow her you should definitely check her out.

And if you want another one to check out you should check out TBM! She just released her first novel (which I reviewed here) and is also great for some witty book banter! I particularly lover her most recent review of Mansfield Park.


7 thoughts on “The Classics Club – October 2013 Meme”

  1. Oh my goodness, you just made my year. [sniffle]

    Thanks, Geoff! I’m so glad we connected online and that we could agree on Chris Stedman’s hotness. Hee!

    I really enjoy reading your blog and chatting with you. 🙂

    (Oh, and the new blog is pretty much finished. You should check it out.)


  2. I’m off to meet Heather, but first I wanted to say thank you for the mention. You’re the best. And you called me witty. I don’t hear that very often.


      1. Ah, yes. But I think it’s my characters who are witty. And it helps that I have days to think of the perfect comeback. It’s much easier in fiction. In real life my comeback is either, “Duh!” or “Whatever”


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