As in over 24 inches (61cm)! And they’re saying another 4-8″ during the day today. Wow.

So to the left is me standing next to a snowdrift after the mini-bulldozer cleared the road and the right is Dexter enjoying the snow after we shoveled. The video is Olivia and Dexter going out into the snow before we’d shoveled a path. It’s both hilarious and sad at the same time.

Keep in mind they are LARGE dogs. The picture of Dexter is next to our bin which comes up past my waist. I’m pretty sure Olivia still isn’t happy with me, but we did finally get her out, but I had to coax her the entire way and she still didn’t look happy with us even though we cleared a big area for her.


24 thoughts on “SO MUCH SNOW!”

  1. WOW. We were only supposed to get 1-3″, but we didn’t even get that, and the sun is shining today. Thank goodness. I haven’t been in that much snow for a long time.

    The video of the dogs IS hilarious and sad at the same time. Those poor dogs are like, “What the…? I don’t… HOW DO I SQUAT IN THIS?!” Hahaha! Poor pups!


    1. We got about what was projected and it’s still going. Olivia is still walking around glaring at us, but Dexter wants to go out and play still. Strange dogs. 😀


  2. It’s crazy isn’t it?! We have steps that lead from our front door down to our driveway and only about a foot of the railing at the top is visible. We have snowdrifts as tall as the fences in some places, and we actually have almost a bare patch near the side of the house (must be due to the wind direction). Our window in the living room is covered about halfway up.

    Our dog wasn’t sure what to do either..we had to carry him over to the “bare patch” because he couldn’t really move in it before we shoveled a path. It’s too funny. But will definitely be a pain to clean up once it stops…

    Stay warm!!


    1. I won’t know until later this afternoon or first thing tomorrow. Public transit is still shut down today and if it’s not operating I can’t get there regardless. We’ll see though.


      1. If you want a snow day I hope you get one. BTW I’m on my touchy iPad and my finger slipped on the follow button and unfollowed you so I hit it again to refollow you. Just thought I let you know in case you got a notification. 🙂


        1. Well we had one Friday, not sure I can survive another but less sure about wanting to brave the roads tomorrow.

          I didn’t see anything about it so no worries. Do you use the app or a browser? I really don’t did the WordPress app all that useful on the iPad, the iPhone app is better by far.


          1. I use Safari for browsing and the Blogsy app for posting. I love Blogsy. I’ve used the WordPress app before but I like Blogsy much better.


    1. Yeah. We had to shovel a spot for our dogs and their easily 3-4 times bigger than Miles! It’s mostly done. Forecast is calling for some more snow, but more than likely rain, today.


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