A Life in Books (via Brookline Blogsmith)

I LOVE Brookline Booksmith. It is one of the two bookstores in my area that I would live in if I could (Havard Bookstore is the other). I’ve read the Brookline Blogsmith (See what they did there? Gotta love it.) blog for quite some time and it has always been enjoyable.

Today’s post, A Life in Books, however, was extraordinary. It is beautiful, meaningful, well thought and well written. It made me stop and take a few minutes out of my hectic Friday morning to wonder what will happen to my books when I’m gone and what the person who has to deal with them will think. I mean just read these few sentences,

I found a Dover Thrift Edition of Brothers Karamazov. It was highlighted until about a third of the way through and then it stopped. Had he read it before? Was it the last book he started? Did he give up, opting for some non-fiction instead? This guy read more than I did and it is basically my job. It was heartbreaking and fascinating to see so laid bare the life of a reader.

WOW right?

I urge you to check it out. If I could demand it or even command it I probably would. It’s short and succinct so no excuses!

A Life in Books via Brookline Blogsmith


5 thoughts on “A Life in Books (via Brookline Blogsmith)”

      1. Yes we should! We leave tomorrow and after a few days driving from Denver we will be in Boston. My husband’s job has us doing some temporary assignments, so we’ll be in Chelmsford for a little! I’ll email you once I get settled in.


  1. You are making me homesick. I’ve often wondered how people have liked a used copy I’ve read or a library copy. Books have more than one story to tell.


    1. Guess we’re even! You make me miss England all the time 🙂 And I agree they really do have stories to tell, especially the older ones, like my copy of Wuthering Heights I’m just fascinated by it and want to know why someone let it go!


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