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Back to the Classics Challenge 2012 – COMPLETE!

Back to the Classics Challenge 2012And just like that, I’ve completed all of my challenges for 2012! I’m glad to be done and have already put sever limitations in place for next year, but that’ll come later when I announce my 2013 challenges. On to the recap!

The Back to the Classics Challenge, hosted by Sarah of Sarah Reads Too Much was incredibly enjoyable because it wasn’t just about reading the classics. It was about reading classics from a broader variety of areas that you might not necessarily read without some sort of catalyst. (I know I wouldn’t have read some without some one saying, hey you should read this.) To find out more click either of the above links or read my original sign up post here.

Although I read a variety of books, I actually enjoyed far fewer than those I didn’t enjoy. I really enjoyed reading The Color Purple, 1985, and Murder on the Orient Express (and of course re-reading Mansfield Park). But the rest I could definitely have done without.

Facts about my challenge

  • Average number of pages per book: 534
  • Total pages read: 4,806
  • Longest Book: Anna Karenina (976) followed closely by Gone with the Wind (960)
  • Shortest Book: Lysistrata/The Acharnians/The Clouds by Aristophanes
  • Physical books read: 6
  • Kindle books read: 3
  • Translated works: 3 (Anna KareninaDoctor Zhivago, and Lysistrata/The Acharnians/The Clouds)
  • Library books: 1, Doctor Zhivago
  • Rereads: 1, Mansfield Park
  • Duplicated on other Challenges
    • Tea and Books: 2
    • Mount TBR: 4
    • The Classics Club: 9

16 thoughts on “Back to the Classics Challenge 2012 – COMPLETE!”

    1. Haahaa thanks! I only did so well because I overloaded the first half of the year out of fear I wouldn’t finish everything. Now I get to relax and read whatever I want 😀


    1. Yeah. My original ‘challenge’/goal was 5 books a month and I smashed that because of challenges. I’m considering cutting back because I feel like I didn’t down as much time with some books as I would have liked because I felt a pressure to finish things.


      1. I’m not against challenges per se, but something I read recently really resonated, which was that goal setting can work against our need to live in the present. It’s the freedom to choose as I go along and to follow an instinct or a quiet obsession that I love about reading. It’s also why I love to read blogs, because one of your reviews might become my next read and by being too tied to challenge commitments I lose one of the real joys of reading, the unplanned journey


  1. I’m curious what your limitations will be next year. I’ve decided not to join too many challenges and to focus more on translated works that have been sitting on my shelf for too long. I wish you a happy holiday.


    1. I’m hoping to do my 2013 challenge post this week or next. I’ve pretty much decided I must own the book already and thus must fit within the Mount TBR challenge and they have to fit within the 24 books level I chose. I’m sure I’ll read more for that challenge because I plan mostly on reading from my own bookshelf this year.


  2. Hooray! Good for you!! (I’m still catching up on posts, so I’m sure I’ll catch up to your 2013 challenge post soon, if you’ve posted it yet!)
    I definitely haven’t finished even one challenge; I took on far more than I should have, and the last few months I’ve really neglected writing the reviews soon after reading. Next year I’ll sign up for just a couple of challenges and will charge myself with the task of writing the review within 1-2 days after reading!


    1. It just posted this morning! And wait until you see the magic I worked/strings I pulled to keep three challenges but severely lessen the commitment. 😀

      And I’m sure you’ll sort out a routine again – you had so much trouble with technology there for a while and then the holidays. And trust me I know about falling behind on posting and never being able to catch up!


      1. Oh good, I’ll check it out soon 🙂 (since I’m not on the computer as often, I’ve subscribed to a number of blogs I follow via email – including yours-, so I’m trying to keep up with the posts!) ANd being away on vacation for a week didn’t help when the emails kept coming in! But I like being able to read certain blogs and the emails help!

        Yes, I’m hoping to sort out a better schedule and make it less stressful and more fun…be on the lookout for more non-book related posts too! 🙂


        1. Yes – thankfully email and RSS feeds were invented! It’s the only way I can keep track of anyone. And whoop for non-book posts. I’ve been thinking about other things to post about and might join Fiona in the Reader’s workout posts if only to hold myself accountable next year.

          Have a great holiday season and happy new year!


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