August 2012 Recap

Even though I only read seven books this month, I had a relatively productive month. I finished my re-read of Harry Potter with Books Five, Six and Seven, and I’m glad I did. It was a much needed reprieve from work and life and the stress of the challenges I chose to do this year! (And I know you’re all dying to know – I’m making awesome progress in Lego Harry Potter 😀 I’ve already completed Years 1-4 and am about 50% of the way through 5-7. If you’ve ever played one of the Lego franchise games you know that’s not as simple as it sounds.) In addition I read an AWESOME NetGalley from Algonquin Books due out in October, The Art Forger, and ticked a few more books off my challenges!

In other cool book news, I hope everyone has seen this article in The Atlantic Wire about what type of book reader you are. I’m definitely somewhere between quite a few of them! (The Hate Reader, The Chronological Reader and the Bookophile, among others.)

Challenge Progress
The major change came when I decided to push James Joyce’s Ulysses off until next year. I tacked it on to my Tea and Books Reading Challenge at the last-minute, but realized that I already had another 700+ page book on my Back to the Classics Challenge, Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago, so I’m going with it instead.

  • Mount TBR Reading Challenge
    • Monthly Progress: 3 books
    • Overall Progress – 21/25 (84%)
  • Back to the Classics Challenge
    • Monthly Progress: 0 books
    • Overall Progress – 5/9 (56%)
  • Tea and Books Reading Challenge
    • Monthly Progress: 0 books
    • Overall Progress – 7/8 (89%)
  • The Classics Club
    • Monthly Progress: 2 books
    • Overall Progress – 11/100 (11%)

4 thoughts on “August 2012 Recap”

    1. Hopefully you enjoy it! Have you read Russian literature before? I’m finding them similar and I’m glad I read Anna Karenina first – it occurs before Doctor Zhivago and even though they’re not related it makes sense to me.


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