I’m A Grumpy Ggggggg

Sorry everyone, I needed to take a few minutes and vent a few things about the book blogging community and blogging in general.  As I was writing I realized some of it was just me being petty, but part of it is a larger issue that I just don’t want to be the one to raise.

You aren’t supposed to be able to read what I’ve written (except for the last two paragraphs) because I used the NaNoWriMo Word hint to hide what I wrote.  I did this to 1) get this off my chest and allow me to step-over-it and 2) so that I didn’t offend or upset anyone.

GGGG GGGG!  Ggg gg gg gggg gggg G gg ggggggggg ggg ggg ggggggg ggg ggggggg gggggggg ggg ggggggggg gg gg gggg ggg gggg ggggggg gggggg gg (ggggg gggg ggggg’gg gggggg gg gggg ggg gggg ggggg G ggg) ggg ggggg’g ggggggg gg ggggg?  Gg’g gggggg ggggggggggg ggg gggggggggg gggggggg gggggggggg gg gggg ggggggg gg ggg gg gggg gggggggg ggg gggggggg ggg gggggggg ggg ggg gggg gggggg gg ggggggg.  G ggg’g ggggg gggg ggggggggggg ggg gggg, ggg g gggg ggggg gggg ggggg ggggg gggg gggg gggggggg gg ggg ggggg gggggggg ggg gggg gggg gggg.  Ggg G’g ggggg ggggg ggg G ggg gg ggggg ggg G ggg gggggg ggggggggg (gg ggg ggggggggg gg ggggg ggg gg gg ggggg) gggg ggg ggg gggg, gg ggg ggg, gg ggg ggggg gggg gggg G ggg.  Gg’g gggggg GGGGGGG gggggg ggg gggggg ‘ggg, ggggg ggg gggg gg-ggg-gg ggg.’

Ggg gggg gg gggg gggggggg, ggg ggg gggggggg gggg-gggggggggg/ggg-gg-gg ggggg ggggg gggggg gg g ggg ggggg ggg gggggggggg ggggggggg.  Ggg ggg gggg gggggggg gggggggg, ggg ggg gggg gggg ggggg gg gggggg, ggg gggg gggg ggg gggggg ggg ‘gg’ gggg ggg ggg gggg ggggg gg ggggg’g gggggg gg ggg gggg ggg – ggg gggggg GGGG GG GG!  Ggg ggggggggggg gggg gggg gg ggg gggggggg, gggg gggggggg ggg gggg gg ggg gggggg gggggg ggg ggg’g ggg gggggggg, ggg gg GGG’G, gg gg ggggg G GGG’G, gggg gg gggg ggggg gg gggg ggg gggg ggggg. Gg ggg gggg gg ggggg ggg gggg, gggggg gg ggg gggg gg – ggg’g gggg ggg gggg gg gg gggg gggg ggg.

There is one thing – I will ‘vent in public,’ if you will. Just keep in mind this is a personal opinion (and stems from my work with social media/technology in my professional life), so don’t everyone line up to take pot-shots at me.  When you’re writing your blog, try and remember that REALLY long blogs are difficult to read.  I know I’m guilty of doing this on occasion so I’m clearly the sinner casting the first stone.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I read at least 100 blog posts a day and honestly I lose interest quickly.  Just a tip from experience if you find something really interesting and find yourself writing and writing and writing, try breaking it up into a series – or creating a page for a longer/in-depth look.

Thanks for letting me vent even if I couldn’t share all of it publicly – sometimes you just have to write something out to get some sort of closure.


11 thoughts on “I’m A Grumpy Ggggggg”

  1. Why can’t I “like” any of your posts? I don’t know what’s causing this, but it’s only your blog. Shoot.

    Anyway, I like your post. I get frustrated about things and have to write it down (or vent to someone, usually Eric or my mom) to get it off my chest. We all do this. I’m sorry you got so frustrated.


      1. It’s prob best I don’t share :). Hopefully that little rant was good and I got it out of my system.

        ave you tried clearing your cache? It may keep thinking you’ve liked it already. I’m not sure if there’s Anything I can do any suggestions?


          1. Haahaa who knows – I’m convinced it still has to do with my ‘WordPress sucks post’ – on a different note, have you seen the Anna Karenina trailer? I saw it yesterday and am going to include it in a post next week.


  2. I agree with you about long posts, I just don’t have the time to set and read for five minutes on each blog I visit. I enjoyed your blog rage today. Although I’m afraid my last post was a bit long.


    1. Thanks for the comment (and support) 😀 I’ve definitely written some that are unwieldy and I feel guilty hitting the publish button. Hopefully since I posted that rant I’ll try and hold myself more accountable.


  3. A big AMEN to long posts! Another reason long posts can be trying is that reading from a screen is more stressful to the eyes than reading from a book or newspaper. At least it is to my eyes. But then, I’m old. Great post!


    1. Thanks for the comment and follow! I agree about the screen, but I guess I didn’t think too much about it as I usually read blogs on my lunch break while staring at the screen all day.


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