Birth of a Book – The Lost Art of Book Binding

I rarely post two posts in a day, but I’m out-of-town tomorrow and away from my computer for a few days and really wanted to share this! I found this through a blog I regularly read (Towleroad) and I thought it was a beautiful reminder of what goes into making a book and the entire industry that’s still out there even with the awesome new industry of ebooks.

(Hopefully the embedding works and it’s not just a link – but if it is just the link follow it – you won’t be disappointed.)


4 thoughts on “Birth of a Book – The Lost Art of Book Binding”

    1. Isn’t it beautiful? It makes me want to write a novel and hopefully if I ever get around to it there are still printing presses still around! (Or I’ll have my sister do it, we made journals for the family a few years ago and it was a similar process but not as well bound :-D)


      1. Haha. I’m sure you could find a “how to” book (you know, book binding for dummies or something…but an early edition before they made “for dummies” books) that you can read on the Kindle 😉


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