2012 Challenges

Mount TBR: Climbing Mt. Vancouver (Checkpoint 1)

Bev of My Reader’s Block has called for the first check in of the 2012 Mount TBR (To Be Read) Reading Challenge and I’m quite pleased with my progress so far.  For this challenge I have read 10 of 25 books which is 40%!

Overall on my reading challenges I’m 15 of 30 books which is 47%.  I may end up taking some time off to just enjoy reading other books over the next few weeks knowing I don’t have to push myself so hard to stay on pace for my challenges.

So far my favorite book of the challenge is Murder on the Orient Express. It was incredibly enjoyable and fun, and I really liked Agatha Christie’s writing style.   A Game of Thrones and the other novels were definitely up there as well!  My least favorite (by far) was Two Serious Ladies. I’m most looking forward to the Brontë novels (especially Anne as I haven’t read anything by her), but we’ll see once I get to them! You can see my list here and check out the responses to the novels I’ve already read.


10 thoughts on “Mount TBR: Climbing Mt. Vancouver (Checkpoint 1)”

  1. Wow…I’m impressed by your commitment. I’m a little behind in my challenges, but I keep plugging away. Enjoy your break. I haven’t read any works by Anne Bronte. But I have read Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre. I’m curious about what you’ll think of the sisters.


    1. I only moved forward with so many of challenge books because I didn’t want them hanging over me the last few months of the year. I loved Wuthering Heights and quite enjoyed Jane Eyre, but I think a lot of this was from living in West Yorkshire for a while 😀


  2. Wow, you are doing so well. I’m not doing well at all, I think I’ve read 3, and one of those was by accident because I forgot it was a challenge book.


    1. Haahaa – I did that as well! I found out after I’d read two that I’d listed them as challenge books and did a little happy dance because I got to cross a few more off!


  3. Really moving up the mountain! Murder on the Orient Express is one of my all-time favorites by Christie. I just picked up The Tenant of Wildfell Hall….but I’ll have to wait till next year’s TBR Challenge for that one. (and…the link works now!)


    1. I had never read Christie before and I LOVED it. I may have to find a mystery challenge to read through a lot more of her novels next year. She just had such a style of writing that I just fell in love with. (And I’m glad it’s working – that’s what I get for trying to link up too early!)


  4. Great job! I’m behind in my challenges as well, but behind on my own goals, not really anything set by the “rules” of the challenges. I just signed up for Mount TBR last week, so I’m still currently reading my first book that qualifies for the challenge (I chose Mr. Vancouver – 25 books – to start).

    I’ve never read anything by Agatha Christie, but I’ve heard great things, so maybe I should add some of her books to my queue.


    1. She was brilliant. If I read another anytime soon, I will definitely make an effort to check out one featuring Miss Marple to see if she lives up to the pop-culture idea I have of her. Good luck with the 25! I chose 25 even though I have significantly more on my shelf, but I figured it was a good starting point and helped to clear off my shelves!


      1. That’s exactly what I did too! As I was writing the titles down, I realized I definitely had more than 25, but since I’m participating in so many other challenges and not all of the books can be use for Mount TBR, I decided to use it as a starting point, too!


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