The Joy of Books and The Edinburgh Book Sculptures

This (not sure if the embed is working for anyone else, but it isn’t working on my computer at the moment) was recently shared on Bookshelf Porn and it made me smile this morning. I’m usually loathe to share things I haven’t read, unless it’s within my Monthly Updates, but as I can barely keep myself on track to do those, I thought I should share this immediately.

On a similar note, if you haven’t seen the awesome book sculptures from Scotland, you should check them out In case you haven’t seen them check them out at This Central Station. The dragon is my favorite, of course:

Mysterious paper sculptures
Photo linked from Chris Donia’s Flickr.

4 thoughts on “The Joy of Books and The Edinburgh Book Sculptures”

  1. I haven’t seen the book sculptures (I’m not sure where the Libraries are hiding them). The photographs are incredible, though!
    Sadly, the sculptor has stopped making them. But they’re fantastic!


    1. Yeah – I read an article which said most have been put in safe places. There is one if you ask they’ll show you, but because of their delicate nature they’ve kept them under wraps.

      It is sad she stopped making them, but it made an awesome statement – I remember the to-do when they were first being discovered. I’ll be insanely jealous if you do end up seeing one! 😀


  2. I love this story no matter what the ending shall be (pure love of the word or city promotion) – I saw a newsclip recently referring to it again and revisiting each of the sculptures and some of the fortunate who work in the abodes that house them, there was some mention of an exhibition being put together which is definitely another good reason to book a trip to England in my view.


    1. Definitely a good reason to book a trip! I didn’t have the opportunity to visit the libraries of Scotland while living in the UK. Perhaps one day I’ll make a literary trip and attend the Hay Festival and then check out the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the sculptures!


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