Book 525: Origin (Robert Langdon #5) – Dan Brown

I’m not sure if this has pulled me out of my reading slump, but I did read it. When I got the notification from the library for this I was surprised. I had completely forgotten that I’d requested this.

I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to read this, but I figured why not? Brown might not be the most high brow of authors, but the man knows how to write a page turner (mostly). I still remember reading The Da Vinci Code it’s year of publication and quickly seeking out Angels and Demons and Deception Point. Ever since then I’ve made a habit of reading his books as they’re released. I enjoyed both The Lost Symbol and Inferno, and this one probably falls somewhere with those two. The wonder and awe as the action in Da Vinci Code unfolded just wasn’t there in the follow ups.

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January Recap 2015

2015 01-08 COLD in BostonGood grief! 1/12th of 2015 is already over and all I can think is where did it go. Mine started off super busy with one of my oldest friends weddings and me being sick for over a week. The middle portion just sort of happened and then the last week we had the sixth largest blizzard in Boston history (I was here for the fifth too!) and missed two days of work. And that doesn’t even account for the -20° and lower windchill we had earlier in the month! On the blogging front I finally did another Culture Corner post and have been waging a battle with WordPress for their ridiculous new changes.

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Culture Corner

Culture Corner – January 2015

2015 01-04 License Plate GameI can’t believe it’s been four months since I last did a Culture Corner (September 2014), but the blog wasn’t lacking for culture! With the end of my 30×30 list we got to visit the Somerville Museum, finish touring the MFA with my friend Caroline and I finally attend the Boston Symphony Orchestra again. But since then, I’ve done a lot of travelling and visited quite a few museums.

One of the big things I’ve never talked about as a cultural experience is travelling. I generally focus on what I do when I get there, but driving from Boston to North Carolina and then flying from North Carolina to Omaha, Nebraska and then back to Boston really made me think about the culture of travelling.  I won’t go into it in this post, but I think I’ll probably write about it when I attempt to revive Now Entering Adulthood in the coming weeks. What I AM going to write briefly about and show lots of pictures of are my whirlwind trips in December to DC and North Carolina and my January trip to Omaha! And then throw in a few pictures of my most recent MFA visits.

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Culture Corner

Culture Corner – July 2013

I knew I did a lot of ‘cultural’ things prior to starting this monthly blog post series, but I didn’t realize quite how many I did on a regular basis. As I sat down to write this post I realized I’d done so much that I could easily have posted a weekly Culture Corner since the last one. Instead you’re going to get a LOT of pictures (three distinct sets) with brief explanations of each.

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Culture Corner

Culture Corner – June 2013

So for my second Culture Corner post (see the first one here) I have A LOT to share. I was really tempted to just drop in the photos and let you enjoy them, but I guess I should explain everything or at least give some basic descriptors, so without further fanfare here you go.

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Culture Corner

Culture Corner – May 2013

As mentioned in my April Recap post I’ve decided to add a couple of feature posts once a month and here is my first one and I hope you enjoy it! I’ve decided to call it Culture Corner because 1) I love alliteration and 2) I figured Museum Monday’s was too limiting on both the day of the post and the subject matter. I apologize in advance for the length of this article. I saw two exhibits and took a lot of pictures.

I’ve been a member of the MFA for most of my time in Boston and since I’ve been here, I’ve seen some pretty cool exhibits like Chihuly’s Through the Looking Glass (2011), Alex Katz Prints (2012), Mario Testino’s In Your Face (2012/13) and The Postcard Age Selections from the Leonard A. Lauder Collection (2012/13) among others.

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2013 Challenges, Books

Book 195: Loot: The Battle over the Stolen Treasures of the Ancient World – Sharon Waxma

Waxman, Sharon - LootSorry for the long post in advance, it’s been a long time since I’ve read a book about museums and antiquities and I forgot how much I love them and how much they make me think!

This book has been on my to-be-read shelf since July of 2011 and I can’t believe I waited this long to read it! I will never forget my first Anthropology class in undergrad and the professor going off on a tangent about the looting of the museums after the fall of Saddam Hussein. It pretty much guaranteed I would be an Anthropology major. (I later switched to cultural anthropology and focused on gender in the media, but still the people were awesome!) The intrigue, the drama, the affairs and the crimes, it could be a spy novel if it were fiction and not fact! This book will count as a bonus book for my 2013 Mount TBR Reading Challenge.

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