June Recap 2017

Once again, we’re half way through the year and I’m like WTF? Where did it go? I know where a large chunk went this year (vacation), but seriously how are we in July and on to the waning part of 2017.

The month got off to an interesting start in that we came back from our London trip and my office at work wasn’t usable. Thankfully, we have a beautiful deck I have access to so I worked outside and from home for a few days. And then less than two weeks later I was on vacation again for an Alaskan cruise! I somehow managed to squeeze in SIX books this month on top of all the travel and hullabaloo. I’m really starting to have time to read again and enjoy reading again which is much-needed.

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Book 73: Further Tales of the City – Armistead Maupin

Are you sick of the Tales of the City reviews yet? I hope not! I’m just finishing up Babycakes and should have a post for Monday. Then you get a brief break while I reread Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle in time for the November 8th release of the fourth and final novel, Inheritance.

I read Further Tales of the City before deciding to go back and restart the series. Thus, I’m posting out-of-order, which is a big hypothetical no-no in my blog mind, but I didn’t want to start posting with book three so I made an exception as I enjoyed this novel so much! It didn’t hurt that a very dapper older gentleman on the bus one morning told me that he loves these novels and that they’re well worth the read. When I told him I was reading them out-of-order he looked shocked and told me I HAD to read/re-read all of them.

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