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Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2012 – COMPLETE!

I AM ON TOP OF MOUNT VANCOUVER! I signed up for 25 books for this challenge and I have completed 25 books! The Mount TBR Reading Challenge, hosted by Bev of My Reader’s Block was probably my favorite challenge this year! I desperately have WAY too many books to read and this is a great way to hold me accountable.  I’m working on my list for the 2013 challenge!  To find out more click either of the above links or read my original sign up post here.

Overall for the challenge I read a very wide variety of physical and e-books. Some I enjoyed, some I didn’t.  Many counted as cross overs for other challenges (and will again in 2013).  Check out some quick facts about my challenge.

Facts about my challenge

  • Average number of pages per book: 518
  • Total pages read: 12,941
  • Longest Book: A Storm of Swords, 1,210 pages (three book clocked in over 1,000 pages including A Dance with Dragons and Anna Karenina)
  • Shortest Book: After Delores by Sarah Schulman
  • Physical books read: 15
  • Kindle books read: 10
  • Translated works: 2 (Kafka on the Shore and Anna Karenina)
  • Duplicated on other Challenges
    • Tea and Books: 6
    • Back to the Classics: 4
    • The Classics Club: 11

Books and Reviews

Once again, I had an awesome time working towards this challenge this year! It was a great challenge to participate in for my first set of challenges. I can’t wait to get started on next year and definitely plan on increasing the number of physical books read to clear off my bookshelf!


15 thoughts on “Mount TBR Reading Challenge 2012 – COMPLETE!”

  1. I organized my books this weekend and realized how many books I own that I’ve never read. I made a pledge not to buy anymore books until I start making a dent on my own library. Congrats to you. I’m in awe of your organization.


    1. It’s amazing what organization can come from boredom 😀 One weekend ages ago I got bored and organized my entire bookshelf and cataloged everything so that I could at least know what I had to read. Plus if I don’t know what to read I can just random.org my list and choose one! And thanks!


  2. Look at you being all king of the mountain! 🙂 I signed up for this challenge and failed miserably, so I’m hoping to redeem myself with Adam’s TBR Challenge next year. Congrats!


    1. Thanks! This was the one I really needed to participate in, and will participate in next year too! I have WAY too many books on my shelves/kindle to read that I haven’t yet. Good luck with yours next year.


  3. Congrats on clearing out some of your TBR list! 25 books is a great chunk. I did a different challenge that came to 12 TBR books, which still felt nice. I list everything I have on Goodreads, and my to-read list is always looming when I log on…


    1. Thanks! I finally got around to adding mine to Goodreads too and it is definitely daunting. The Goodreads app with the scanner option REALLY helped me out with that one.


    1. Thanks! This was the one challenge I would’ve dropped all other challenges for, mostly because it was my goal to read more books on my shelf than new/library books. It’s the same thing for next year, where any additional challenges I ‘include’ must fit within this paramater 😀


      1. I have decided to engage in no challenges next year. A friend and I have decided that 2013 is going to be the year of “Read Whatever the F*ck I Want.” Hahaha!


        1. Haahaa fair enough! I considered doing that and I might, but I just put heavy restrictions on what challenges I’ll participate in. Any challenges must be pulled from books I already have on my shelf and the total can’t go above 30 (half of what I would expect to read in a normal year).


  4. Geoff, never fear–there will be a final checkpoint for the Challenge coming in December. And a final prize drawing. There will even be a chance to win for anyone who got lost on the mountainside and didn’t quite make it to the peak of their mountain. Keep an eye out for the call for wrap-up posts. You’ll be welcome to just link this up then–or make a new one if I come up with any interesting questions to answer. 🙂


    1. Thanks Bev! I’ll keep an eye out. For some reason I thought you’d already posted a wrap-up post/section and I could not find it for the life of me. Thanks for the awesome challenge!


      1. Geoff: Glad you linked up for the final prize drawing (and I appreciated you doing the fill in the blank in the comments!). Congrats again on making the peak so soon! I’m looking forward to another year of mountain-climbing!


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