Upcoming Books

Welcome to the page of hopes and dreams. Collectively there are over 400 books on these pages.  Hopefully I’ll get to read all of them, but if the lists grow as fast as they have recently, who knows! Click a link below to see what’s on each list!

Austen(esque) – Books by, about and inspired by Jane Austen. Might be a bit of an obsession…

The Classics Club – A five-year challenge to read a set number of classic books.  I chose 85 books 100 books (updated in June 2012) and started in March of 2012.

The Green Carnation Prize – A list of the Green Carnation Prize winners (and shortlists) since its inception in 2010 that I hope to read.

Man Booker Prize – A list of the Booker Prize winners since its inception in 1969. (This list also includes a few shortlist/long list books I’ve already read or plan to read.)

On My Bookshelf – These books are currently sitting on my bookshelf or Kindle waiting to be read. Hopefully I’ll chip away faster than I add to it.

Suggested Books – Books recommended by friends or via my Suggest A Book page.