Artemis Fowl – Eoin Colfer

I first read Artemis Fowl in the UK after my roommate, Rob, recommended them. Colfer put so much creativity into these books and I truly enjoyed the fusion of Irish folktales, science fiction and fantasy!

I read the first few while still living in the UK, but when I moved back to the US I gave them a pass until the final release in 2012 at which point I went back to read all of them again. Toward the end of the series, things got a bit rocky and I wasn’t sure I would finish the series. Ultimately, though Colfer wrote a fantastic ending and tied everything up very well in The Last Guardian. I started Colfer’s follow-up series WARP, but it’s not quite as engaging.

My Responses
Artemis Fowl (#1) The Lost Colony (#5)
The Arctic Incident (#2) The Time Paradox (#6)
The Eternity Code (#3) The Atlantis Complex (#7)
The Opal Deception (#4) The Last Guardian (#8)