February Recap 2019

February is such a short month. I kind of know where it went, but really I’m just kind of like alright this year is going to fly by let’s just embrace it. Or I could do like Tim and hide under his recently finished Christmas blanket I knit for him. (I’m thinking the latter, it’s a pretty comfy blanket!)

Now that I’ve finished all the 2018 Christmas presents I was working on (except for one last hat from left overs), I’ve started to work on a sweater for me. We’ll see how that goes. I didn’t read anywhere near as much this month as I’ve been wrapping up the knitting projects and I finally started watching Game of Thrones. I pushed through and got past the hurdle that kept stopping me and only have seven episodes left (AKA Season 7) to be fully caught up.

Books and Bookish Things
This month I read three books and got most of the way through a fourth. I’m disappointed I saved Let Go of Emotional Overeating for so long, but it was worth it. The two comics were both quick reads and I have a few more to read prior to our upcoming cruise so I’ll have fresh content on the blog while we’re gone.

  1. Let Go of Emotional Overeating – Arlene Englander
  2. Bob’s Burgers: Medium Rare – Adam Beechen, Loren Bouchard, Ben Dickerson, Jeff Drake, Brian Hall, Rachel Hastings, Justin Hook, John McNamee, Mike Olsen, Mark Von Der Heide, and Anneliese Waddington
  3. Fence Vol. 2 (Fence #2) – C.S. Pacat, Johanna the Mad, and Joana LaFuente
This installed at my new gym at work. It makes me happy every time I drag myself to work out. “Boy Oh Boy”, 2001 by Jacques Flechebuller

Books Acquired
There were a couple of kindle sales by authors I previously read (Qualls) or that sounded like a decent collection (Ellis). We’ll see how they are when I get around to them, but 10 books for less than $10 seemed like a decent trade off to me.

Outside of the books I purchased I saw these two things on social media. The passing of Patricia Nell Warren, author of The Front Runner, was sad, but also informed me that it was the first LGBT fiction work to be on the NYTimes bestsellers list. And the Harry Potter one was hilarious.

Culture Corner
For how short February was we fit a lot in. We attended an Eric Church concert at TD Garden on the 1st. It was a great concert, but the acoustics were off. I’m not sure if it was his voice or just the venue. We also saw the Boston MFA exhibit of Ansel Adam’s photographs they recently acquired, and I (sort of) got back into the gym habit.

What’s Next?
Hopefully the end of winter. They’re projecting over a foot for the first weekend in March and I’m ready for Spring! We head off for a cruise the second weekend in March and I’m looking for some down time to read and relax. I’m 2/3 of the way through Shortest Way Home by Pete Buttigieg, the first openly gay U.S. presidential candidate. I’m enjoying the writing and his story, but who knows the viability of his campaign. I have a few more comics to read this week including My Boyfriend is a Bear and another yaoi.


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