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Bookish Things September 2017

Since I still haven’t sorted out what I want to do with Culture Corner, I’m sticking this here because it’s both cultural and bookish things. Last night they had a panel at the Boston Public Library titled “Beyond Mr. Darcy: New Markets in Romance” (BPL website).

The three authors Damon Suede, Farrah Rochan and Sarina Bowen were so personable and I just kept feeling like I want to be your friend. I think the best quote of the night was a quote Suede made about one of Bowen’s books he read recently:

“I wept quietly throughout the entire book while having a boner and laughing.”

The only truly disappointing thing about the talk was Suede not straying further from what he said on the podcast I discovered earlier this month: Authorized: Love and Romance. The host of the podcast, Faith Salie who I only know from Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me, interviews romance authors about writing sex scenes and romance novels in general.

They had some interesting things to say about self publishing and the fact that authors are able to build their fan-base and write the book that you know your readers want without having to worry about the gatekeepers in the publishing industry. I’m starting to wonder if it’s time for me to dust off my Jane Austen fan-fiction novel, remove the Austen and see if it’s good enough as an LGBT romance 😉

Now for the social media links I’ve come across in the past few weeks:

I’m not sure which one creeps me out more, probably Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. That being said I really appreciate how creative this guy is in creating these!

Fun fact: I read the first 10-12 of these in high school. I thought the idea was so great, but then I realized she wasn’t going to finish anytime soon so I let them go. I may have to go back and revisit all of them once she finishes the series or when they announce the publication of the final book. It was such a creative idea to start with and to see her finish it is wonderful.

Yes. Please. That is all. (Well that and how does Boston not already have one?)

I don’t even want to touch this one with a 20 ft pole. I stumbled across this whole drama on EW (their website) and after the drama last month about racism/ableism/sexism I’m just getting further away from YA literature, which is sad because there are some great books out there. There is just too much damn drama.

A lot of these I’ve seen before, but a couple I haven’t. I really liked #6, because who doesn’t think that almost all the time!?

In case you missed it, September 1, 2017 was the day Harry and Ginny dropped off Albus Severus at King’s Cross. I thankfully wasn’t on Twitter much that day so missed all the things that would’ve made me tear up, but just looking through this was enough. That being said we do have another Fantastic Beast’s film on the way in just over 14 months (USA release – Nov 16, 2018)!!!

And to close out with one of my favorite sites on the internet: Colossal. It’s one of the most beautifully curated art and design blogs on the internet and every so often there’s a project that involves books, writing, or something book-related that comes up. Of these my favorite one is actually a non-book: the fourth down titled Globe clustered confluence, 2013.

What’s the coolest/most intriguing/most ridiculous Bookish Thing you’ve seen this month?


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