Other People’s Bookshelves #53 – Geoff Whaley

Hey Everyone! Check out my bookshelves on “Savidge Reads: Other People’s Bookshelves!”

Savidge Reads

Hello and welcome to the latest Other People’s Bookshelves post. If you haven’t seen it before this is a series of posts set to feed into the filthy book lust/porn and either give you a fix of other people’s books and shelves. This week we are off to Boston, yes the place I have always wanted to stay longer than the 24 hours I once did and home of my favourite series Rizzoli and Isles – though hopefully there won’t be any murder today, to join Geoff who blogs at The Oddness of Things Moving and has a podcast (which I am secretly hoping he will one day invite me on to discuss Rebecca) Come Read With Me. You can follow him on Twitter here. Before we have a nosey through his shelves, let’s find out more about him…

I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts and took a…

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7 thoughts on “Other People’s Bookshelves #53 – Geoff Whaley”

  1. I’ve just read this on Savidge Reads-really interesting answers and I didn’t get the wrong idea about those Sarah Palin books either!


    1. Haahaa thanks! It’s funny, I don’t think most people would get the wrong idea, but you never know because they’re so prominent! And I’m more concerned about the “writing” than any disagreement in politics I might have.

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      1. I know what you mean! And anyway I’ve got the odd politics book on my shelves for the same reason – I was intrigued ( how else do I explain the fact I’ve got Thatcher’s diaries on my shelves!

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  2. If you want direction signs then you should visit us in Wales where each town and village has two names. One in English and the other in Welsh. Also all signs on highways. Gets very confusing for visitors.


  3. Great article, I’d forgotten about those Bookshelf interviews. I love the donation bag idea, right next to the shelf. I can’t believe you love Sarah Palin though, I mean come on.

    I kid, I kid.


    1. Ha! What can I say, there’s a certain amount of crazy I’m just drawn to! And I’ve always done the donation bag, but only in the last year or so kept it right by the shelf which makes so much more sense than in another room or in my closet.


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