February 2014 Recap

The Monday of 2014 has come to an end. January and February are always the hardest months of the year, to me at least. Winter has dragged on for four months and the daylight, even though it’s incrementally getting longer, feels like it’s all been sapped from the world.

I mean look at it. Would you want to go out in that? Would you want to get out of your cozy warm bed to shower and then have to go out in that weather?!? It seriously makes exercising and going to work a chore and even makes interacting with friends a pain because no one loves it. But that is slowly coming to an end! The last weekend in February I was actually able to have my windows open and it was great! The temperature did proceed to drop down to 12ºF again, and we had a random snow shower on Thursday, but baby steps!

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Three Shopping Days Left…Wait a Second…

Why would that matter when clearly my Birthday (aka today) is MUCH more important than that :-D This is mostly just to show I’m alive and busy enjoy the photos while I lounge around in my pajamas and do NOTHING for a few more hours and then spend time with my sister and friends!

Gallery One: Baby It’s Cold Outside…no seriously I refused to get out of bed twice in the last two weeks until it hit 10°F (-12°C).

Gallery Two: Because of the above snow storm my first 5k was postponed until tomorrow (12/22)! I’m totally excited and ready for it and have done a LOT of prep work.

Gallery Three: So far it’s been a very Star Wars and Literary Christmas/Birthday. The only thing missing is my dear Jane, but I can handle that since we share a birth month and can never be separated. Just goes to show my friends, family and coworkers know me WAY too well.

February 2013 Recap

2013 02-24 Snowy NightThis month flew by! I can’t believe how fast the month went and that it’s already March! The coolest thing this month was experiencing my very first BLIZZARD! If you want to see an awesome post with the dogs I live with click here. We’ve gotten a lot of snow off and on this month, but still not as much as the winter of 2010/11. To the right is a lovely picture I took Sunday night (Feb 24). Most of the snow is now gone after two solid days of rain.

On a random note I’ve made a couple of changes to my blog. I’ve added a few different ways of looking at the books I’ve read in the past. It’s no longer just by year, but you can now see by author and by series. I hope they are helpful to you, the readers, but mostly they’re there for me (assuming I remember to keep them updated).

In addition I realized when an author contacted me yesterday that I’ve had some pretty cool things happen since I started this blog so I created a sort of YAY ME! page which you can see here. I’ve called it ‘They Like Me, They Really Like Me!’ from that infamous Sally Field’s Oscar acceptance speech. I’m sure there are things missing, like my first ARC, and I hope there are more to come, but I thought it was kind of neat looking back. It’s amazing how social media has leveled the playing field between authors and readers.

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As in over 24 inches (61cm)! And they’re saying another 4-8″ during the day today. Wow.

So to the left is me standing next to a snowdrift after the mini-bulldozer cleared the road and the right is Dexter enjoying the snow after we shoveled. The video is Olivia and Dexter going out into the snow before we’d shoveled a path. It’s both hilarious and sad at the same time.

Keep in mind they are LARGE dogs. The picture of Dexter is next to our bin which comes up past my waist. I’m pretty sure Olivia still isn’t happy with me, but we did finally get her out, but I had to coax her the entire way and she still didn’t look happy with us even though we cleared a big area for her.