Four Years: Part 5 – Come Read With Me

The Oddness Moving BookcastAs I mentioned on Sunday, and have alluded to on numerous occasions over the past few months I’ve been planning something for quiet some time. For those of you that have followed The Oddness of Moving Things for a while, you might remember the Oddness Moving Bookcast I tried to do last August. If you don’t remember them, you can find them here and here. That’s the artwork over to the right.

I only made two episodes even though I’d drawn up plans for at least three or four, but what I didn’t realize was how difficult it was to fill 10-to-15 minutes on my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love talking to myself, but between having to talk to myself for 10-to-15 minutes and then listen to myself over and over while editing, needless to say I gave up pretty quick.

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Four Years: Part 4 – Keep Moving Forward

2014 04-27 Take it EasyWhen I envisioned writing this post I thought I’d have a grand plan for the year, but the more I’ve thought about it as the week progresses, the more I realized I don’t. And strangely enough, I’m okay with that. Plus the photo, I really want to kick back and relax in my blogging old-age :-D

I feel I’m to the point where I need to start stepping back a little bit from the blog. Not in any specific way, but I REALLY don’t want to lose touch with why I started the blog: to enjoy reading on a deeper level. As much as I love doing Culture Corners and Workout Wednesday’s I have a feeling they are slowly going to go the way of the Dodo. How is that phrase still so iconic today with much more prevalent species going extinct? Guess it is all in the name! But you never know, I do love to write about the museums and cultural things I do, and let’s face it I definitely need something to keep me accountable when it comes to working out and eating healthy!

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Four Years: Part 3 – Numbers, Numbers, Numbers!

Not Quite an InfographicI was really hoping to find an infographic template, but apparently all the templates you can download are Adobe Illustrator which I don’t know how to use :-( The photo to the right is what I was hoping to do, but nope no go. Maybe I’ll learn it by this time next year!

Instead you get a bunch of numbers in a not pretty post. I’ve broken it up into two different parts – stats from this past year and stats from since I started the blog. Some of them are guestimates, but a lot are facts found in the fun stats feature of WordPress. Basically you all rock! I would blog regardless of whether or not I had readers, but when I actually take the time to look at the stats I’m overwhelmed, so really all I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Four Years: Part 2 – A Dismal Outlook

2014 05-06 Somerville Public Library ArtPerhaps “A Dismal Outlook” isn’t the best title for this post, but I figured it was better than “The Sad State of the Book Blogging Community.” Now before, you get up in arms remember this is MY blog and I can say what I want. And if I had my way we’d all be as happy and goofy looking as that photo from outside my local library to the right.

I will caution, that this post isn’t about anyone. Sure I’ve seen blogs that highlight this more than others and I’m just as guilty of doing some of these things, but self-awareness is a big part of it! If you find yourself reflecting negatively on this post, no matter what sort of blog you write, I encourage you to suck it up and deal with it. It’s outside of my realm and this is all about personal preference. This post is a continuation of my self-reflection and just general observations about things that annoy me about blogs.

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Four Years: Part 1 – My Reflection

2014 07-12 Museum SelfieAs I said in my day-of anniversary post, it’s hard to believe I’ve been doing this for four years. You’ll have to forgive this week as it’s going to be even MORE self-centered than usual. Don’t worry, I will go into the numbers later in the week! There were so many when I was looking at them it was overwhelming. As each year passes it’s more and more amazing to see who I interact with and who visits my little spot on the internet, but more on that Wednesday.

This post is a quick post to reflect on how it’s been to blog, specifically about books, for so long. Rather than taking ANOTHER selfie, I just reused the same one (above) I’ve used twice this month already. Thankfully it really fits with my thoughts on the blog. Every post I make is like one of those pieces of mirror in the photo. Each mirror/post gives you a tiny glimpse of who I am and even if you put them all together you don’t get a complete picture, but a mirage/collage of who I am. (Deep right?) Click here to continue reading.

Another Year Has Gone By

Four YearsI interrupt my regularly scheduled Monday/Wednesday/Friday posts to announce TODAY is my four-year blogoversery! And with that in mind I’m planning to take the week off from responding to books, my weekly posts and what not and look back on the past four years!

It really is hard to believe that four years ago today I started my little corner of the internet. I’ve had blogs before and most of them I abandoned pretty quickly, but this one stuck.  I honestly thought I’d last two-to-three years and abandon, it but I guess when you write for yourself and not for an audience you stick with things longer than you would imagine!

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The Willpower Instinct Project – Week 8, 9 & Wrap-Up

McGonigal, Kelly - The Willpower InstinctAs I said two weekends ago I was struggling to finish up the project. I did finish reading the book and the review will post tomorrow, but I just had a couple of rough weekend sin a row and didn’t take the time to blog about the last two chapters. This’ll be a quick recap of those chapters and my final thoughts on the project.

Chapter 8: Infected: Why Willpower is Contagious focused primarily on how your willpower project isn’t just yours alone. We were told to spend time identifying when/if other people affected how we approached challenges. Do the people we identify with or want to be like help or hinder our process? The experiments for the week were to take a few minutes to remind ourselves of the goals every morning, find a positive role model, go public with the our challenge and find others to support you.

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